Special Offer

PSTForex now available on monthly subscription fee.
NOW you can deploy PSTForex for only RM1050/mth with vps hosting, UNCR sanction list, PEP's list  & AML/CFT list through Dowjones name check & basic support for a single branch.

Deploy PSTForex for only RM500/mth with local hosting & basic support for a single branch.

Have you ever thought of the (ROI)Return on Investment of the product you've purchased??

With PSTForex we guarantee :

• Reduce tranx entry error 

• Faster tranx processing time

• Zero unauthorized tranx
• Improved management reporting
• Improved compliance & fully BNM compliant
• Detailed with 20+ configurable parameter for RBA points
• Detail report on your forex investment (ROI) 
PSTForex Mobile appz to monitor & authorize transaction on the move.
• Live PEP's & UNCR list check with Dow Jones while doing tranx.